'…They received the word with all readiness and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so' Acts 17: 11

About Us

North Arbury Chapel was founded in 1976 in King’s Hedges and is an independent evangelical Church where Jesus Christ is the centre of our life and worship.

We are a group of ordinary people striving to become the kind of Church described in the Bible. A Church where the teaching is relevant to everyday life experience. A Church where friendships can be developed; where families and individuals can feel at home.

Whether you are seeking and/or have begun to ask questions about God or you are a committed Christian who wants to be part of a warm fellowship of friends, you can find a home with us.

We believe that everybody is equally important to God and therefore to one another. We believe that God has given gifts to every believer and these gifts and abilities should be utilized for the benefit of the whole Church.

North Arbury Chapel is a small non-denominational fellowship in the King’s Hedges area of Cambridge. We have two Sunday meetings; a Breaking of Bread service followed by a coffee break and then our Family Service.

You are most welcome to join us and will be given a warm welcome.

Leadership Team

Elder: Ken Knappett


Mike Spooner
Ruth Barker
John Maclean
Steve Millar
Maureen Millar

Our Location